Unique Birds

Unique Birds

Milos boasts a wide variety of ecosystems, including many species of birds. Most of the birds are passing. A limited number – 43 species – nests on the island, while 21 species remain here throughout the year.

From mid-March to mid-May, “waves” of migratory birds fly over Milos heading North and many of them land on the island in order to find food, rest and quench their thirst.

The birds migrate again in autumn from Northern Europe to Africa, in order to spend the winter in areas providing ideal conditions.

The wetlands and shores of Milos host a significant number of rare and endangered water species, some of which – like the shag – reproduce on the island.

Ideal to host birds in the protected areas of western Milos are the rocky shores and the steep slopes of Profitis Elias, where predatory birds nest, as well as the small wetlands Achivadolimni, Alyki and Rivari.

Achivadolimni was named after the thousands of achivades (clams) found in the bottom of the lake, located behind the beach by the same name – maybe the most beautiful on the island.


Unique Birds
Besides its permanent “inhabitants”, the unique ecosystem of Milos grows in numbers at the turn of the seasons, as it hospitably welcomes a large number of feathery migrants…