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Koufeto (traditional Milosí pastry)

The pulp of a round, white pumpkin (low)
For each glass of pumpkin pulp:

1 glass sugar
1 glass honey
4 cinnamon sticks
3 vanilla capsules or packets
1 kilo or more (if you like) scalded almonds, cut in half (or whole) and lightly roasted 

Peel the external skin of the pumpkin and remove the seeds from inside. Cut its pith into pieces, grate it and squeeze its pulp well. Put all the ingredients together in a suitably large casserole, and then add the sugar. Boil it at low temperature stirring constantly, until the pumpkin pulp bubbles. Lower the temperature, and let the koufeto set nicely, stirring it continuously. You will know when it is ready when itís hard enough to stay on the teaspoonRemove it from the hot plate, and when itís cold enough place it in a glass jar.
Note: The pumpkin has to be white and round (low). The exact quantities of the rest of the ingredients (sugar, honey, etc.) depend on the amount of pulp extracted from the pumpkin.

People - Tradition - Gastronomy
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