Unique Reptiles

Unique Reptiles

The “Viper of Milos” belongs to the species of Macrovipera schweizeri, an endemic species of the Cyclades. The people of the island know it by its older scientific name: Vipera lebetina.

The entire global population of this rare viper is limited to the islands of Milos, Kimolos, Polyaigos and Sifnos.
The population of the species is estimated to 5,500 adults, most of which live on Western Milos.

A small percentage of the viper of Milos has a uniform reddish color, while the older ones are often dark-colored. Even though they vary in coloring, these reptiles belong to the same species.

The viper is protected by international, European and Greek legislation. Its capture, possession, trading and killing are forbidden.

Its poison is not more dangerous than that of other viper species found around Greece, while not a single death incident has ever been recorded.

Besides the viper, 9 more species of reptiles have been identified on Milos: the Caspian pond turtle, the European bent-toed gecko, the Mediterranean house gecko, the snake-eyed skink, the Milos wall lizard, the Balkan green lizard, the leopard snake, the Milos grass snake and the cat snake.

The “Milos wall lizard” (Podarcis milensis), like the viper, is another rare endemic species, unique in the Aegean area, whose survival requires ongoing care and attention.

Unique Reptiles

A small grey and brown reptile bearing on its back dark brown patterns and a million years of life...