Unique Civilization

Milos… Its shores, an enormous sculpture made up of colourful rocks. Its body, a net made of veins of precious stone. Its soil and waters, an ark for the rarest of species. Its settlements, a unique combination of aesthetics and need. And its civilization, an ancient skein that continues to unroll. Its traces are detected throughout the island - scattered pieces of a fascinating historical adventure. We detect them carved in the Neolithic quarries of Demenegaki; we spy them in the lofty Mycenaean walls of Phy-lakopi; we admire them in the sculpted body of Aphrodite that emerged from its ground…And what’s even more, we retrace them in the elegant Roman theatre that gazes at the sea of Trypiti; we discover them in the underground Early-Christian laby-rinth in the Catacombs; we find them in the humble post-Byzantine churches that earnestly pray to the light; we retrace them in the little sea houses of Klima; we  warmly greet them in the faces of the people, the narrow cobbled streets of Plaka. The Civilization of Milos…An unbroken thread that connects prehistory with the pre-sent.

Milos is inhabited since the Neolithic period (7000-2800 B.C.).