Unique Nature

Α breath-taking setting, shaped by time with just a few materials – lava, earth and water – that create countless primitive forms: strong rock walls on the shores, sea gorges, water mirrors reflecting life, pretty beaches, deep canyons, mild valleys… Here, drama follows the old cycle of life and action doesn’t pause for a moment. The protagonists are unique: rare animals, reptiles, sea mammals, birds, trees, plants…All co-exist in harmony, obeying the secret rules of a fragile balance. Milos: a unique theatre presenting, pure and unadulterated, the act of creation. The western part of the island: a place with proud mountains, inaccessible shores and few inhabi-tants. A small Eden, unaffected by human hubris, hospitable to early forms of life in danger of extinction. A place that must be protected from catastrophic human inter-ventions that sacrifice the eternal natural balance on the altar of momentary profit. A live outdoor museum of natural history, protected thanks to the providence of Euro-pean care, which provides a secure refuge to its rare earth dwellers and feathery in-habitants after the inclusion of the area in the Natura 2000 Network.